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Psychosocial Care of Cancer Survivors: A Clinician’s Guide and Workbook for Providing Wholehearted Care, Oxford University Press, 2018

Surviving the Storm: A Workbook for Telling Your Cancer Story, Oxford University Press, 2017

Excerpt from Surviving the Storm:

survivingthestorm“It only takes a few seconds to receive the news that you have been diagnosed with cancer. Yet, from that point on your world has been changed forever. You enter a vast terrain of uncertainty, isolation and insecurity when you finish treatment for cancer. What is it like to face daily life now that you are finished with treatment? Fear of recurrence, anxiety and depression related to uncertainty, along with loss and financial difficulties, as well as concerns around sexuality are all a part of this new territory. You may feel alone and distressed. You have all the knowledge within you to understand and create your own healing but sometimes you need guidance to help you find where you are and support you in discovering where you want to go.”

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About Psychosocial Care of Cancer Survivors:

A clinical resource for healthcare practitioners that presents person-centered care as an antidote to the distress both patients and clinicians face in cancer survivorship. It addresses questions of how to bring a humanistic approach and quality attention to the growing needs of patients in the post-treatment phase of a cancer diagnosis. As a workbook, it’s both a guide and an applicable resource for daily clinical practice. It provides a needed structure for clinicians to help them reconnect with the meaningful aspects of their work. Written from the perspective of a clinician-survivor, Psychosocial Care of Cancer Survivors is about the healing power of relationship for both patient and practitioner as they negotiate the complex world of cancer survivorship.

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Mothers and Mentors: The Art of Nurturing (Real Woman Write),  Susan, Edited by Susan Schoch, Story Circle Network, November 2023.

Loss and Grief: Personal Stories of Doctors and Other Healthcare Professionals, With This Ring, Edited by Matthew Loscalzo, Marshall Forstein, and Linda Klein, Oxford University Press, August 2022


Art in the Time of Unbearable Crisis: Women Writers Respond to the Call, Irinya, Edited by Stephanie Raffelock


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