“Humanistic psychology is founded on a dedication to the wholeness of human life, a conviction that life has greater potential than has yet been realized, and an openness to a wide range of observations, methods, and practices. In this perspective we draw humility, challenge, and encouragement from the realization of how much about human beings is yet unknown. Commitment, struggle, successes and failures, and a continually receding frontier await those who would join us.” – James F. T. Bugental, 1992

Authentic transformation shows itself over time when we pay attention, give attention and allow awareness to emerge. The essence of contemplative work is to be met where you are, not where you think you should be or where others think you should be. Meeting yourself at the edges of your own known world and letting go into the unknown territories of your inner being strengthens your trust of your own capacity for awareness and growth.

Learning to search within yourself is an alive and authentic process. It’s not about solutions or results, it’s about the questions or, more importantly, the questioning. You open to discovery within. Some people who come to see me tell me they have been in therapy before and question whether or not they can really change. I deeply believe that all of us have the inner knowledge and capacity to become who we are and make choices from within ourselves.

I listen deeply.

I respect where you are.

I am able to sit with you in sorrow and in laughter.

Individual Psychotherapy: 60- 90 minute sessions by appointment in one of my offices, by telephone, or via Skype

Couples Psychotherapy: 60-90 minute sessions by appointment in one of my offices

Consultation and Supervision: 60 – 90 minute sessions in one of my offices. Group consultation also available in my office or your center

Group Psychotherapy: Sessions from 90 minutes to full day workshop Please contact me for more information.